General Contractor in Alvin

For anyone wondering whether or not they should hire a general contractor, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Unless you want to spend your entire remodeling project stressing over every little detail instead of simply looking forward to the end results, a general construction contractor is a crucial part of any build team.

Our contractors at Home Evolution have helped hundreds of clients through their renovations in Alvin and we have yet to meet a single one who regretted the process.

Invest in the successful completion of your renovation, no matter how large or small the project.

The General Contractor Job

At Home Evolution our team practices transparency and communication at all times with our clients, from the beginning of the build to the end. Before you hire a contractor, we’ll provide you information on the top five services they’ll provide to you.


A general contractor has knowledge of absolutely everything involved in a build! Planning for any possible situation is what they’re all about.


Tell your contractor your schedule and they’ll work out everyone else’s based on that.


Concerned about subcontractors that don’t have the right experience? Our contractors know who they will and won’t work with, and only call the best in when required.

Maintaining Relationships

General contractors build up relationships over time with subcontractors and vendors. They maintain these to your benefit so you don’t have to.


Once you’ve figured out the materials you will be using, your contractor will source and purchase them at rates only contractors have access to.

If you’re looking for a true project manager in Alvin, look no further than your Home Evolution general construction contractor.

What About Construction Managers?

Don’t confuse your general contractor with a construction manager. While both act as a primary point of contact, there are major differences between the two.

While a general contractor tends to have their own team of skilled workers, and manages them, the construction manager oversees a project starting at the beginning of the design process and uses specialized project management techniques through to the end.

They will ensure you stay on budget, and will hire all necessary subcontractors.

For home remodeling projects, you will always be dealing with a general contractor, as construction managers tend to handle larger builds.

Let Us Be Accountable

When you hire Home Evolution to remodel your home in Alvin, you’re hiring our general contractors to be accountable.

From scheduling, hiring, purchasing and maintaining the knowledge required to pull off a successful build, a general contractor will need to stay on top of everything and be accountable for any missteps that occur along the way.

Should a problem occur, your construction contractor will be at your side to inform you of the issue, solution, and the timeframe and cost it will take to deal with it.

When we ask you to invest in our services, we are investing in you as well. Our skilled team treats every new project like it was their own, and will not consider the build complete until you are completely satisfied!

Get in touch today to start working out the details of your renovation.